Selling a car can take tons of time that busy Schaumburg drivers just don't have in their schedule - not to mention all the stress of finding a buyer. Luckily, learning how to trade in your car can streamline both the buying and selling process in one step. Whether you drive an SUV or a compact sedan, we've got the car buying tips to help learn when to trade in your car and also get a great deal while upgrading to the vehicle of your dreams.

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When to Trade-In Your Car

If you're getting ready to find a new car for those Saint Charles and Streamwood travels, start thinking about the trade-in process. It is a good idea to do your research and to utilize online resources like our trade-in calculator before you get started. We've broken the entire process down into three easy steps:

  1. Get your trade-in estimate.
  2. Get an in-personal appraisal.
  3. Negotiate and accept your offer. 

Step 1: Trade-In Estimate

You can actually start the trade-in process without driving to the dealership. First, you'll need to get a rough estimate of your car's value. We recommend tried-and-true appraisal tools like Kelley Blue Book® Value or Edmunds True Market Value®. Keep in mind that the price of your vehicle will fluctuate based on factors like your car's condition, the vehicle's make and model, maintenance history and more. But, these free tools are a great starting point.

Step 2: Get an In-Person Appraisal

After you've secured your trade-in estimate, it's time to stop by Napleton's Elgin Kia to start crunching numbers. While some customers are nervous about the process, there's nothing to fear. Be honest when describing your vehicle's history and condition and our team will do the rest. While not every car qualifies for resale, a well-maintained vehicle is usually a safe bet.

Step 3: Negotiate Offer

Compare your trade-in estimate to your in-person appraisal. Are the numbers similar or are they different? If they are different, feel free to negotiate! But keep in mind that it can be difficult to trade in your vehicle with an outstanding loan. If you've reached a deal that seems fair, feel free to use our payment and trade-in calculator tools while planning for your next vehicle purchase. You might be surprised by how your budget opens up!

Find Out More with Napleton's Elgin Kia

You know how to trade in your car and when to trade in your car, but where should you trade-in your car? Napleton's Elgin Kia is here to help. Between our vast inventory, amazing finance team, online resources like our trade-in calculator, and more, we'll help you get the best deal possible in the Chicagoland area. Apply for financing to get started!

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